Vitality Wellness Solutions PLLC was established to prioritize the sexual health, maternal, and mental health needs of Black women. We provide psychoeducation, consultation and clinical services to empower all women. Facilitated by Founder Valon Alford, a Black woman, clinical social worker, sexuality educator, and maternal psychotherapist, we leverage cultural humility that appreciates the nuances of intersectional identities to address issues that uniquely affect Black women's sexual, maternal and mental well-being. Using a pleasure paradigm, we seek to advocate, educate, empower, and liberate.

My passion is pleasure and wellness. Health is foundational to both of these. Information and education are other crucial elements for empowerment.

I want to bring you the content, programs and workshops that you want. There are so many important sexual health topics, and all of the topics are layered and nuanced.

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